Improve your Confidence

Understanding how your horse thinks and how to communicate with him better has a huge effect on a rider's confidence.

Handling and riding your horse becomes safer as your horse becomes calmer through trust and co-operation.

Teach Yourself to Teach your Horse

Come to France to demystify horse riding and to understand the different training methods available.

Discover the differences and similarities in Parelli Natural horsemanship, Monty Roberts, Mark Rashid, clicker training and classical horsemanship.

Understand how to use positive and negative reinforcement, carrot sticks, clickers and much more.

Improve your Skills

  • Balance, suppleness and use of the seat
  • Ground skills
  • Lunging
  • Long reining
  • Trailer loading
  • Catching
  • Sarah
Sarah Pugh BPJEPS (équitation),BHSAI (ISM),BSc Hons