How much is horse riding?

Lessons and hacks are 11-17€ per person for an hour in a group (depending on age) or 40€ for an individual session.

How do we go about booking horse riding?

It is usually possible to organise riding once you arrive but if you have a particularly keen rider who would like to ride a lot it is a good idea to let us know beforehand.

Do you have a weight limit for riders?

Our usual weight limit is 12 stone but if you are a balanced rider then this can be increased a bit.

Do you have an age limit for riding?

The lower limit is 5 years old. There is no upper limit!

What are Galop tests?

The French Equestrian Federation has a super exam system that is recognised throughout the country. It starts with Galop 1, which involves walk, trot and basic canter and progresses to Galop 9 which involves lateral work, cross country and show jumping. It also involves an understanding of practical horse care, stable management and work in hand. In order to compete in France you need these qualifications.

What do I need in order to take a Galop test?

You need to have an FFE licence which costs 25€ for under 18s and 36€ for over 18s and is valid for the current year.

Can I take a Galop test in English?

Yes, you can take Galop tests with us in English or French.

What is ethology?

Ethology is the study of natural animal behaviour and the use of the findings in training.

Self Catered

How are the beds configured in the bedrooms?

Upstairs: 1: queen size bed 2: double bed 3: 1 single bed and 1 full size bunk bed.

Downstairs: 4: 3 single beds.

How are the bathrooms and toilets configured?

Upstairs, there is a bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin. Downstairs, there is another shower room (with shower and washbasin) and a separate toilet.

What facilities do you have for babies?

We have a travel cot, high chair and baby bath.

Can you take more than 10 people?

We do have a sofa-bed available to accommodate extra visitors. This should be requested in advance.

Are bed linen and towels provided?

During high season, all bed linen and towels (except pool towels) are provided free of charge. Please contact us for other times of the year.

Do you have any shaded parking?

Yes, we have under cover parking for two cars.

Is there a shower by the pool?

Yes, there are two solar heated showers in the pool area.

What size is the games barn?

The games barn is 18m x 6m and is floodlit.

Is the pool heated?

No, however, the pool has a solar cover to keep it warm at night. If left on during the day it will help to warm the water.

Are the owners on site?

Yes, we live next door but we have our own entrance and very much respect people's privacy. We are there if you need us (e.g. for booking restaurants, medical emergencies) but otherwise the only time we will come into your space is to service the pool each day.

What are the arrival and departure times?

Our arrival time is after 4pm and our departure time is before 10am. It is often possible to arrive early - please don't hesitate to ask.


Can you collect riding holiday guests?

Yes, we collect from Niort station for free. Please contact us for other locations.

Can I take a Galop test while on a riding holiday?

Yes, we provide notes and will advise you as to your level.

What equipment do I need to bring for my riding holiday?

Please contact us for a list of things to bring.

Do I need special insurance for my riding holiday?

We strongly advise you take out personal accident insurance for riding.


Does is cost to drive on French motorways?

Yes, most French motorways are toll roads but they are generally well maintained and very quiet. To get to Saumort from Calais it costs approximately 50€ in tolls.

When are the busy times to travel in France?

Roads in France are much less congested than in the UK - beware, however, if you are travelling on the first weekend in August (which is the start of the national hoilday) as you may well find that the rest of the French population is travelling too!

Are there any regulations/top tips I should know for driving in France?

All motorists must carry a red breakdown triangle, a hi-viz vest and a full set of spare bulbs. The car should have headlamp converters and a GB sticker. You could be fined if you do not comply with these regualtions.

It is worth knowing that if you break down on a motorway in France (as we did on the way here, but that's another story....) your breakdown recovery company cannot tow you off! You have to use the designated emergency telephones and the a vehicle will be sent out to you. It is worth knowing the term "Je suis en panne" (I've broken down) just in case! They will either perform a minor repair or tow you to a garage.

Another 'top tip' is that, when travelling in France, it is almost useless to know the road number that you need. You need to know the name of the town you are heading towards.

What are the speed limits in France?

Motorways - 130/110kph

Dual Carriageways - 110/100kph

Other roads - 90/80kph

Towns - 50kph or as signposted

Note that the second speed limit applies if it is raining.